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Founded in 1994 at the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

We are a growing company in the extreme sportswear field.

Now established in Israel!!!

13 year of experience in Paragliding, skydiving & Open aircrafts suits manufacturing .Our product development is & was allways done with the professionals of its field. Always giving attention to details & constantly improving the quality.

Allways giving personalized attention to all our customers.

All our products are workmanship warrantied.

We offer the best quality suits for lower prices with a wide range of outstanding spectacular designs


רצינו לעדכן אותכם שהיום כבר קיימים חמישה מועדוני צניחה בארץ ! פרדייב בחוף הבונים, סקיכיף בבאר שבע, הצנחנייה בעכו, מנחת מצדה ואילת
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